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Carlneshia Hunnicutt
Biology, Class of 2013

My Story

Hi my name Carlneshia Hunnicutt!

Since I left my hometown of Holyoke, Massachusetts, Barry University has become like a second home.  It has provided me with the opportunity to receive a quality higher education and pursue my future goal of earning a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy, all while interacting with a diverse student body from many different cultures.

Being active within the Barry community is a passion of mine.  In addition to being on the Dean’s list, I have earned several scholarships and awards and serve as the president of the Student Alumni Association.  Also, I spend time connecting with Barry Alumni in my current job as a Phonathon student caller.

Thank you Barry for the support that is leading to my success!

Carlneshia Hunnicutt
Class of 2013
Biology with a minor in Psychology.