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Loyalty Societies

1940 Society

Membership in the 1940 Society is achieved when you make gifts to Barry University for 5 consecutive years. The name is special as it was the year the Adrian Dominican Sisters founded Barry. Members enjoy special recognition and a special memento to celebrate their loyalty of giving annually.


  • Jessica Alexandre
  • Ingrid Alexis-Goodman
  • Maria Alvarez
  • Gladys Amador
  • Gaston Arellano
  • Megan Bittakis
  • Shannon Brown
  • Barbara Cook
  • Cynthia Davis Sbaschnig
  • Rebecca DeCardenas
  • Eileen Egan-Hineline
  • Yvonne Falloon
  • George Fischer
  • Laura Fothergill
  • Celeste Fraser Delgado
  • Teresa Gasso
  • John Goehl
  • Tamara Hamilton
  • Susan Hildenbrand
  • Richard Isrel
  • Myra Jackson
  • Jeffrey Jensen
  • Sarah Lewis
  • Rolando Liriano
  • Hernan Londono
  • Richard Maher
  • Nigel Manderson
  • Henley Marcelus
  • Lena Mercea
  • John Moriarty
  • Merlene Nembhard
  • Leslie Nixon
  • Gerhild Packert
  • Rosie Pumariega
  • Miguel Ramirez
  • Giselle Rios
  • Jeffrey Ritter
  • Stephanie Rodriguez
  • Jasmine Santiago
  • Sharron Singleton
  • Lonar Anthony Umadhay
  • Ximena Valdivia
  • Joanne Whelley
  • Donna Wiesinger
  • Michael Wise

Adrian Dominican Society

The Adrian Dominican Sisters are the founders of Barry University. This name represents the importance and dedication of the founders and signifies 10 years of consecutive annual giving to the university. Members of the Adrian Dominican Society also receive special recognition and an exclusive memento to celebrate their legacy of giving to Barry University.


  • Laura Alonso-Gallo
  • Orlando R. Barreto
  • Sister Linda M. Bevilacqua, OP
  • Jennifer N. Boyd-Pugh
  • Barry J. Brock
  • Angela C. Curreri
  • Ollie B. Daniels
  • Roxanne S. Davies
  • Nicole O. Diez
  • Patti A. Dopico
  • Barry H. Dubner
  • Marsha B. Freeman
  • Michael J. Griffin
  • Louise C. Hardenburg
  • Miguelina A. Hernandez-Pena
  • Judith E. Koons
  • David M. Kopp
  • Belkis Landa-Gonzalez
  • Stephen J. Leacock
  • Joanne M. Longo
  • Caridad MacNamara
  • Lubomir P. Markov
  • Carmen L. McCrink
  • Dr. Eileen D. McDonough
  • Deborah F. Montague
  • Laura Mudd
  • Dr. Linda M. Peterson
  • Joyce D. Riveira
  • John A. Rushing
  • Frank L. Schiavo
  • Angela M. Scott
  • Diane T. Seubert
  • Michel C. Sily
  • Allen A. Smith
  • Carol-Rae G. Sodano
  • Frank J. Sodano
  • Margot R. Swan
  • Paul James Villemure
  • Anton S. Wallner
  • Scott B. Weber
  • Mary L. Worley
  • Yeshica M. Yanes

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