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April 11th to June 6th, 2015
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Levent Erbora has a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Miami. He worked as an Electronics Engineer at Motorola, Inc. for almost a decade, during which time he was awarded two U.S. Patents, and completed several credits towards an MBA Degree at FIU. He resigned from Motorola in 1997 to pursue other interests, actively trading the financial markets being among them.

Levent is also very passionate about teaching, an occupation he truly likes and enjoys. He has an extensive teaching background, having taught a number of engineering, electronics, and computer classes as an adjunct faculty at University of Miami, Miami Dade College and some other institutions of higher learning. More recently, for the last 6 years and counting, he has been teaching and tutoring test prep courses for SAT, GRE and GMAT, and has helped many hundreds of students to significantly improve their scores, reach their goals and fulfill their dreams.

Levent is very fond of emphasizing the fact that GMAT is a standardized test, and as such, it must maintain fairness and consistency every single time it is administered anywhere in the world. Consequently, the test maker has no choice but to test the same handful of concepts in the same limited number of ways, over and over again. Once a student becomes familiar with these recurring themes and patterns, the whole mystery and intimidation associated with the test disappears, and reaching any target score or beyond becomes just a matter of diligent preparation and rigorous practice.

The GMAT prep classes Levent teaches are nothing like your run-of-the-mill, long-winded and, at times, boring college classes. They are more like lively and interactive "training sessions" where the lecturing is kept to a minimum. He likes to be considered as your "coach", rather than your "professor". It is important to realize that the GMAT is not actually testing your proficiency in formal, advanced or complicated math, or your familiarity with the quirks of the English language, let alone your mastery of linguistics. The test is all about assessing your skills in strategic thinking, critical reasoning, attention to detail and creative problem solving; "street-smart" ways of coming up with solutions, if you will, rather than the formal approaches. These are the core skills that are rewarded throughout the test; the very same skills that will be focused on and reinforced throughout the course.

In this course, you will be introduced to each and every type of question you will face on GMAT, learn the strategic approaches they each require, and the most effective and efficient ways of handling them. You will start to use the format of the questions to your advantage. There will be a full math review, but only for those topics that appear on the test, and then, only for their particular aspects that are required for the mastery of the Quantitative Section; nothing more, nothing less. The GMAT math is basically high school level or below but, then again, the test maker has ways of coming up with fairly challenging questions using even those basic concepts. You will see that even the wrong answer choices are there, most of the time, for a reason, representing common mistakes, pitfalls and oversights. By recognizing and identifying these common trap answers, you will be able to eliminate them right away and improve your odds even when you are guessing at an answer. You will also be given many tips, tricks and techniques to handle the additional challenges brought about by the computerized format of the test, and more importantly, the race against time.

All in all, with this comprehensive preparation and focused guidance you will receive in the classroom, combined with diligent study and rigorous practice on your part, the GMAT will turn out to be only a minor hurdle that will easily be overcome on your way to a bright and prosperous future. And that is what keeps Levent motivated all along and rewards him the most.

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