(SFHEF) South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum, Inc.

6363 Taft Street, Suite 200
Hollywood, FL 33024
Phone: (954) 894-9405
Web page: www.sfhef.com


The South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum, Inc. is a professional society founded in 1972. The organization was established by administrators interested in providing educational programs and developing a communications network among healthcare administrators throughout the region. The organization was successfully launched as CEOs quickly recognized the positive impact this forum could have on their own institutions. Forum programs inform and update the executive on the difficult issues facing today's healthcare industry. In this, the forum has been successful in evolving to meet the needs of its members, their institutions and the community as a partnership in delivering healthcare.


  • Increase communications among health services executives in healthcare facilities and related agencies and organizations.
  • Further the professional knowledge and growth of the membership through educational programs and familiarization with area health facilities and related activities.
  • To stimulate interest in and discussion about improved methods in health services management and leadership.


The South Florida Healthcare Executive Forum is an affiliate chapter of The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE).