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Dr. Jonathan Coffman
Director of Biomedical Sciences
Associate Professor

Phone: 305-899-3899

Jonathan Coffman, PhD, MBA earned his doctorate degree in microbiology at the University of Tennessee, Memphis, and his master’s degree at Nova Southeastern University where he taught medical virology in the Health Professions Division to medical and dental students. Dr. Coffman joined the faculty in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences in 2012 as an associate professor and program director for the Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences. Dr. Coffman teaches medical microbiology, molecular genetics, and immunology in the program and his research interests include public perceptions of influenza vaccinations and Legionella in water supplies as a risk to the elderly in South Florida.  Dr. Coffman is a member of the Florida Academy of Science and the American Society of Microbiology.

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