Kimberly A. Cologgi, PhD.

Kimberly A. Cologgi, MS

Kimberly A. Cologgi is an Assistant Professor in the Sport, Exercise, & Performance Psychology (SEPP) program for the Department of Sport & Exercise Sciences. Prior to working at Barry University she attended Florida State University, where she earned her Master's and Doctorate, in Sport Psychology.

Both Kimberly's thesis and doctoral research were focused on the psychological components of athlete retirement, and transition into new career endeavors. The specific aims of the research were to recognize the effects of retirement on former athlete's self-concept clarity and identifying which types of coping lead to a more successful transition. Kimberly's other research interests include exercise psychology and how the principles of behavior modification can be applied to health and wellness.

Kimberly also works as an applied sport psychology consultant for the student athlete's on campus. She seeks to foster athlete's mental skills, and works towards enhancing self-awareness. She supervises and coordinates the applied consulting opportunities for the Graduate SEPP Program, here at Barry.