Suzanne Jaffe, MSN, RN

Suzanne Jaffe

Office: 207 Wiegand
Phone: 305-899-3278


MSN, Master of Science in Nursing Education, South University, School of Nursing, 2012
BSN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Florida International University, 2002
ASN, Associate of Science in Nursing, Jackson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing


Suzanne Jaffe has been teaching nursing at Barry University since 2003. She started as an adjunct lab faculty member, working with nursing students in the Nursing Resource Center and as a foundations, medical-surgical, and community clinical instructor. In addition to teaching health assessment and foundations in the nursing lab, Ms. Jaffe has a particular interest in developing the students’ critical thinking skills using simulation experiences with mid-fidelity mannequins. Suzanne Jaffe is presently an assistant professor teaching entry level students the essentials of professional nursing.


Suzanne Jaffe’s research proposal for her graduate degree involved increasing the critical thinking skills of beginning nursing students. Ms. Jaffe has a special interest in developing educational approaches that will enhance decision-making skills of future nurses.