Sciences Student Success

Sport and Exercise Sciences Student Success

Our Mission:

We strive to enhance the academic development of HPLS/SES student majors and student athletes through a holistic and intrusive approach to advising to assist students in achieving their academic goals.

Sharon Kegeles and Rosie Pumariega are available to meet with students to provide guidance and support, view current and past academic performances, increase student accountability and recommend strategies for success.

How it Works:

  • A program specific academic advisor is assigned
  • Each student meets with that program advisor for a scheduled thirty minute advising appointment
  • During that session overall career goals are discussed and connections to specific SES programs (or others) are made
  • Past academic performance is discussed to identify individual strengths and weaknesses to align with the stated career choice
  • Academic resources and tutoring availability for specific coursework is shared with the student
  • The academic program evaluation is reviewed to show current completion
  • A semester by semester plan of study for degree completion is created
  • A decision is made as to the frequency and method of future communications (weekly meetings, emails, texting) for the remainder of that semester
  • There is an agreement to hold a minimum of two face-to-face meetings for the purpose of advising and registration
  • There is an agreement for other planned communications at least monthly
  • The student leaves after both the advisee and advisor roles have been stated, understood and agreed upon.