Athletic Training BS to MS Curriculum

Distribution Requirements and Co-requisites: 48 credit-hours

The student majoring in this program must exceed the University's distribution requirement of 45 hours. The Science and Mathematics area requires 12 credit hours of coursework, bringing the total distribution credit hours required for Athletic Training majors to 48. Courses specifically required are listed below each subject area with a double asterisk (**) and must be completed with a grade of C or better.

Theology and Philosophy: 9 credit-hours
THE 201Faiths, Beliefs and Traditions(3)
PHI 220Intro. to Philosophy(3)

Written and Oral Communication: 9 credit-hours
ENG 111First Year Literature and Composition(3)
ENG 112 OR 210 Techniques of Research or Intro to Literature(3)
SPE 101 OR COM 104 OR
TH 155

Science and Mathematics: 16 credit-hours
** BIO 220/ 220LIntro to Human Anatomy and Laboratory(4)
** BIO 240/ 240LIntro. to Human Physiology and Laboratory(5)
** MAT 152Elementary Probability & Statistics(3)

Social and Behavioral Sciences: 9 credit-hours
** PSY 281Introduction to Psychology(3)

Humanities and the Fine Arts: 9 credit-hours

SES Core Requirements: 22 credit-hours
SES 210Foundations of Sport & Exercise Sciences(3)
SES 212/ 212LEmergency Response and Laboratory(3)
SES 270Concepts of Fitness & Wellness(3)
SES 335Psycho-Social Aspects of Sport(3)
SES 340Adapted Physical Activity, Sport & Recreation(3)
SES 361/ 361LExercise Physiology and Laboratory(4)
SES 480Contemporary Issues & Ethics in Sport(3)

Athletic Training Major Requirements: 55 credit-hours
CAT 180Intro to Computers(3)
SES 181A. T. Pre-Clinical Skills I(1)
SES 220/ 220LCare and Prevention of Athletic Injuries & Laboratory(4)
SES 281A. T. Pre-Clinical Skills II(1)
SES 316/ 316LTherapeutic Modalities and Laboratory(4)
SES 318/ 318LTherapeutic Exercise and Laboratory(4)
SES 320/ 320LKinesiology & Laboratory(4)
SES 321/ 321LAdvanced Upper Extremity Assessment of Athletic Injuries and Laboratory(4)
SES 322/ 322LAdvanced Lower Extremity Assessment of Athletic Injuries and Laboratory(4)
SES 330Nutrition for Physical Performance(3)
SES 381AA.T. Pre-Clinical Skills II Pt. 1(2)
SES 381BA.T. Pre-Clinical Skills II Pt. 2(2)
SES 481AA.T. Pre-Clinical Skills III Pt. 1(2)
SES 481BA.T. Pre-Clinical Skills III Pt. 2(2)
SES 487Senior Seminar in Athletic Training(3)
SES 499AA.T. Internship - I(6)
SES 499BA.T. Internship - II(6)

Athletic training Graduate Requirements: 30
SES 520Biomechanics(3)
SES 545Manual Techniques(3)
SES 547Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Injury(3)
SES 590Gross Anatomy of the Musculoskeletal System(3)
SES 616Research Methods(3)
SES 624Statistics in SES(3)
SES 627Laboratory Instrumentation in Biomechanics(3)
SES 686MAdv. Practicum in A.T. I(1)
SES 686MAdv. Practicum in A.T. II(1)
SES 686MAdv. Practicum in A.T. III(1)
SES 689Thesis(6)
SES 679Project/Internship(6)

Degree Total (Athletic Training, BS to MS): 155 Credit-Hours