Dr. Lauren Tashman

Dr. Lauren Tashman, Assistant Professor, Sport & Exercise Psychology Master's program


Dr. Lauren Tashman is an Assistant Professor in the Sport & Exercise Psychology Master's program in the Department of Sport & Exercise Sciences. She received her PhD in 2010 in Sport Psychology from Florida State University, her MS in 2005 in Sport Psychology from Florida State University, and her BA in 2002 in Psychology from The College of New Jersey.

Dr. Tashman's doctoral research entitled, "Be a Performance Enhancement Consultant: Enhancing the Training of Student Sport Psychology Consultants Using Expert Models," involved creating and evaluating the usefulness of a computer training program as a supplemental tool for service delivery training for graduate students. The specific aims of the research project were to evaluate the usefulness of a case-based training program and the effectiveness of using models as feedback. Her master's thesis examined the relationship between perfectionism and burnout in collegiate coaches. It was published in 2010 in Anxiety, Stress, & Coping. Dr. Tashman has also conducted research on expert performance with populations, such as SWAT police officers and critical care nurses, and she is also interested in investigating the psychological factors associated with performance preparation and competition as well as the development and delivery of sport psychology services and interventions.

Dr. Tashman is also a certified consultant with the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (CC-AASP). She has provided performance consulting services to a variety of sports, such as gymnastics, soccer, rowing, softball, swimming, diving, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and equestrian, and has consulted with a variety of levels from youth sport to NCAA Division I athletics. She currently does performance consulting at Barry University and through her private consulting practice, Inspire Performance Consulting, LLC. Dr. Tashman's own background in sport consisted of 13 years of elite equestrian showjumping and she currently recreationally participates in running, tennis, and golf.

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