Celebrating National Nurses Week May 6-12

Celebrating National Nurses Week May 6-12

Nursing Facts. Did you know?

There are nearly 3.1 million registered nurses in the United States.

The American Nurses Association was founded in 1896.

Research indicates that advanced practice nurses can provide 60 to 80 percent of primary care services as well as or better than physicians and at a lesser cost.

49 states and the District of Columbia allow advanced practice nurses to prescribe medications.

The American Nurses Credentialing Center Magnet Nursing Services Recognition Program offers guidelines designed to shift hospital administrators' focus from expensive, short-sighted recruitment efforts to meaningful retention strategies. Hospitals that have been designated as "magnets" have been found in studies to attract and retain professional nurses who experienced a high degree of professional and personal satisfaction through their practice. Currently, 22 hospitals and long-term care facilities in Florida have been awarded "magnet" recognition, but the essential "magnet" criteria can be used by nurses and administrators to assess their own facilities for improvements.

A study conducted by the Nursing Credentialing Research Coalition found that certification has a dramatic impact on the personal, professional and practice outcomes of certified nurses. Overall, nurses in the study stated that certification enabled them to experience fewer adverse events and errors in patient care than before they were certified.

Additional results revealed that certified nurses:

  • Expressed more confidence in detecting early signs of complications;
  • Reported more personal growth and job satisfaction;
  • Believed they were viewed as credible providers;
  • Received high patient satisfaction ratings; ­­
  • Reported more effective communication and collaboration with other health care providers;
  • Experienced fewer disciplinary events and work-related injuries.


Facts were repurposed with the permission of FloridaNurse.Org