College of Nursing and Health Sciences students receive Dean’s Scholarship Award

College of Nursing and Health Sciences students receive Dean’s Scholarship Award

Barry University’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences presented two students, Andres Quevedo and Dominique Lissade, with the Dean’s Scholarship Award.

Andres Quevedo, who is in the Nurse Practitioner program, explained his educational journey was met with joys and challenges as well as successes and defeats. Quevedo expressed his gratitude for his family, friends, faculty and the previous cohorts that made his journey possible today.

“Let’s pay forward to future generations, what others have given us,” said Quevedo.

Dominique Lissade, who is in the nursing program, had a lifelong dream to complete her bachelor’s degree, but was challenged by both financial need and a medical condition; type 1 diabetes.

“I am committed to my education and one step closer to becoming a nurse thanks to the continued generosity and scholarships I have received,” said Lissade. “Upon graduation, I would like to pursue a PhD as a nurse practitioner specializing in diabetes for children and adults. I would like to make a difference in people’s lives the same way Barry has made a difference in mine.”

Without scholarships, many students such as these two Dean’s winners would be unable to pursue their lifelong dreams.

Lissade, who is the president of the Nursing Student Association, was able to fund more than 50 percent of her tuition through earned scholarship funds. She embraced the opportunity to serve fellow students and collaborate with the Physician Assistant Students as volunteers at a local homeless shelter and found value in the real world clinical experiences she enjoyed at some of the South Florida’s most respected health care facilities.