Are You Eligible to Register?

Do you have specific reasons that might keep you from registering?

1. Log into Web Advisor: Am I Eligible to Register?

There might be holds (restrictions) such as:

  • Financial: Account balance must be less than $200
  • Health Services: Proof of current health insurance required
  • International Students: I-20 document update with International Students Services & Multicultural Programs
  • Student Athletes: Reminder for minimum 15 credits per semester
  • Admissions: Final transcripts (transfer credits)

2. Academic Program Review

Review the suggested course sequence plan

  • Check for classes that are offered only once per year (fall or spring)
  • Look to see the variety of classes that are suggested for each semester
  • Check for any required pre-requisites
  • Check if placement testing is required (Chemistry/English/French/Math/Spanish)

Review Program Evaluation for your major in Web Advisor

  • What is your GPA? Does it meet the minimum required for your program?
  • What classes are still needed for your degree?
  • Did you withdraw from any required classes?
  • Do you need to repeat any failed classes?

3. Make an appointment with your academic advisor

4. Propose a Schedule of Classes for Registration to Your Advisor