Transfer Students

Academic advising is an important integral component of your educational experience. It is your responsibility to connect and engage with your academic advisor. Your SES Professional Academic Advisor can assist you in having a personalized educational experience by empowering you to explore, articulate, and achieve your academic, career, and life goals.

Who is my advisor and how do I connect with them?

As a student who has attended a college or university before enrolling at Barry University, there are specific steps that you must take in order for your academic advisor to be able to properly advise you.

Below are terms that are important to you as a transfer student:

TER – Transfer Equivalency Report

When you first apply to Barry University and send your initial academic transcript from your previous school, our Transcript Evaluation Office generates a report that attempts to match the academic credits you have already earned with Barry University equivalent courses. Only courses with a grade of “C” or better will transfer into your new school. Copies of this report are sent to the student and to the academic advisor.

CIP – Courses in Progress

Usually transfer students apply to Barry University while they are currently enrolled in classes at another institution. We are notified of those courses when you send your initial academic transcript from your current school, but we do not have final grades to know if you were successful in passing those courses. In order to get credit for those classes in your final semester before you transfer, you must formally request that a final transcript to be sent to Barry University.

Final Transcripts

An official transcript that is sent by your previous school directly to Barry University that reflects all of the academic credits that you have earned.

Updated TER – Final Transcript Equivalency Report

Once your final transcript arrives, our Transcript Evaluation Office will update the TER with your latest coursework. A copy will be sent to the student and the academic advisor.


Once you enroll at Barry University, you will have access to our internal WebAdvisor program. Here you will find access to all of your personal information on one home page such as your student financial account information, your academic information, current semester course schedule and application for graduation. You should be trained in the use of WebAdvisor during your initial Orientation to the university. If not, your academic advisor will review these options with you during your initial meeting.

Program Evaluation

Within your academic information on WebAdvisor, you will see a link for Program Evaluation. This is a report that has been designed to show you how each of your earned credits have been applied towards your chosen academic degree program. Your academic advisor will review this report with your during your initial advising meeting

Courses That Transferred But Show as “Other Courses” in Program Evaluation

Please know that all courses with a grade of “C” or better will transfer into Barry University, but that not all of those courses will be able to be applied towards your new academic program. Every attempt is made to apply all of your previously earned credits, but maybe there is not a Barry University equivalent for a particular course. Get the course description at your previous school and if possible, bring a copy of the course syllabus to your academic advisor. These documents will then be reviewed to see if there is any way credit for a particular course could be applied towards your actual degree.

A.A. Degree (Associate in Arts) or A.S. Degree (Associate in Science)

If you have been awarded an A.A. or A.S. degree from a Florida state college, it is possible that certain general education/distribution courses could be waived from your degree plan. If these waivers are granted, they will be reflected in your Program Evaluation in WebAdvisor.

Placement Testing

All students are subject to placement into specific courses based on SAT or ACT test scores, OR through actual placement exams that are provided by Barry University either upon initial enrollment into our school OR prior to enrollment into special courses such as languages, chemistry, physics, etc..

Placement Testing Form

Plan of Study

Your academic advisor will evaluate your transferred credits and the suggested course sequences for your academic program. After your initial meeting to discuss your past academic progress and other questions vital to this process, your academic advisor will develop a semester-by-semester plan of study for you to follow through completion of your degree. This plan of study will be reviewed after each academic semester as adjustments may need to be made.