Program Overview

Program Overview

Your master's degree preparation in biomechanics at Barry University will include movement analysis and use of performance enhancement models. You will study the function and structure of the human body, using the methods of mechanics, combining kinesiology, anatomy, physics, and mathematics.

Overview of Course Requirements

The 36 credit-hour biomechanics graduate curriculum includes extensive coursework within the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. You will complete a 15 credit-hour movement science graduate program core. Your Injury and Sport Biomechanics specialization will require 12 credit-hours of biomechanics coursework, with an additional 9 credits in Advanced Statistics, Qualitative Analysis, and Advanced Practicum. You will also select two electives.

Laboratory Research and Thesis

Laboratory proficiency is an important component of the program. Courses in instrumentation are designed to give you the tools to carry out an independent, self-selected project. A required thesis further facilitates your proficiency.

Sample projects that have been completed by Barry's students in biomechanics include:

  • EMG analysis of cutting maneuvers in ACL reconstructed versus normal subjects
  • Effects of up-tempo music on bench press mechanics
  • Kinetic analysis of the upper extremity when throwing different baseball pitches
  • Biomechanical analysis of the roundhouse kick in experienced versus novice subjects
  • Effects of fatigue on golf-swing mechanics and EMG activity
  • Effects of custom-molded orthotics on lower extremity biomechanics

Because of our deliberately small enrollment, students can conduct independent projects without waiting for use of equipment. Our laboratory equipment includes 3-D Vicon System, 2 force plates, and electromyography, providing you with the technology necessary to collect data, analyze, and present your findings. One benefit of research at Barry is that you have direct access to the equipment. In this way, you, not a lab tech, will control your project and the equipment.