Dr. Yi-Tzu Kuo, Assistant Professor, Clinical Coordinator of Athletic Training Program, FL Lic. #AL 1913


Dr. Yi-Tzu Kuo received her BS in Biology from the University of Denver and her M.S. in Exercise Physiology from Florida International University.  She earned her Ph.D. in Educational Research and Exercise Physiology with a focus in Athletic Training from the University of Miami.  Her dissertation research involved the comparison of body composition, eating habits, exercise habits, and high risk behavior patterns in female collegiate athletes.

While pursuing her PhD, Dr. Kuo served as an athletic trainer and worked with the undergraduate athletic training education program at the University of Miami.  Prior to joining the HPLS faculty, she worked alongside orthopedic surgeons at the UHZ Sports Medicine Institute as an athletic trainer and physician extender.  Dr. Kuo has professional experience working with outreach programs serving local schools and sporting events as well as professional soccer teams.

Currently Dr. Kuo is developing a study abroad program bridging the Athletic Training programs between Barry University and select universities in Taiwan.  In the future, she is interested in researching the effects of eastern medicine treatments for athletic injuries/performance with the goal of enhancing the treatment of athletes.