Sue B. Shapiro

Dr. Sue B. Shapiro, Associate Professor, Director Athletic Training Program, FL Lic. # AL 720

Dr. Shapiro has worked and taught in the field of athletics and athletic training for the past 30 years. She earned a BS in Physical Education from West Virginia University, and MEd and an EdD in Sports Medicine and Curriculum Design form the University of Virginia.

She has served as an athletic trainer at the collegiate (University of Virginia 1976-83) and professional levels (Continental Basketball Association 1983-86 Cincinnati Slammers). She has worked as a clinical therapist for HealthSouth and prior to moving to Miami, she also served as clinical director of sports medicine clinics in Cincinnati, Ohio and Albany, New York. This past year she presented at the European Association of Health, PE , Recreation, Health and Dance Conference in Aviano, Italy on Energy Drinks: Fact & Myths. She currently serves as a CAATE Accreditation Site Visitor and as the Advisory Board Chair for Acupuncture Massage College in Kendall, Florida.