Program Highlights

The PhD in Leadership and Education with a specialization in Higher Education Administration program is a community of scholars where both you and faculty are encouraged to explore intellectual ideas, to express intellectual thoughts, to exhibit excitement about ideas, to develop intellectual skills, to criticize ideas, and to discover and explore core intellectual passions, in a caring environment. The purpose of the program is to develop you into a leader who has the vision, passion, and skill to contribute significantly to the development of your chosen field in a principled, compassionate, and caring way.

The program is characterized by:

  • Cooperation rather than competition.
  • Development rather than judgment of others.
  • Highly intellectual achievement without elitism.

The program values:

  • The free exploration of ideas within a structure of responsible civility.
  • Intellectual achievement and respect for intellectual property rights.
  • The encouragement and assistance of colleagues.

As a graduate, you will have acquired the ability to:

  1. Analyze and synthesize the knowledge and understandings of the process dimensions of leadership.
  2. Apply the theories and concepts of leadership to the practical aspects associated with Higher Education Administration.
  3. Clarify your ethical and moral perspectives and relate this perspective to personal and professional goals.
  4. Develop and implement an independent research investigation.
  5. Assess and contribute to the literature related to Higher Education Administration.
  6. Continue to renew and extend your understandings and competencies acquired in Higher Education Administration.