Students will include the following courses as part of
the 33 credit major requirements.

Oral and written communication

9 credits

Required courses*

33 credits

ENG 111

1st. Year Composition / Literature

HIS 101

Western Civilization I*

ENG 112

Introduction to Literature

HIS 102

Western Civilization II*

SPE 101

Fundamentals of Speech

HIS 201

U.S. People & Ideas I*

or COM 104 Interpersonal Comm.

HIS 202

U.S. People & Ideas II*


HIS 300

Special Topics

HIS 308

History of Asian Civilizations

HIS 315

History of Florida

HIS 335

Modern Russia

Theology and Philosophy

12 credits

HIS 339

Germany Since 1871

HIS 352

Politics and Music

HIS 383

History of Latin American Colonial Period to 1824

HIS 384

Latin American National Period from 1824-Present

HIS 388

History of the Caribbean

HIS 389

U.S. History from the Gilded Age to World War II

PHI 220

Introduction to Philosophy

HIS 390

U.S. History Since 1945

An additional 3 PHI credits

HIS 403

American Diplomatic I to 1900

THE 201

Theology: Faith, Beliefs, Traditions

HIS 404

American Diplomatic II 1900 to present

THE 303

Comparative Religion

HIS 432

Modern English History

Mathematics and Science

9-10 cred.

HIS 449

Race, Gender, & Class in Latin America

MAT 152

Elementary Probability /Statistics

HIS 454

America in the 1960s

CS 180

Introduction to Computers

HIS 456

African American History Since Reconstruction

Lab Science elective

HIS 359/459

Independent Study



HIS 499




GEO 301

World Environments, People and Places*

Social Sciences

12 credits

Integrative Experience

HIS 150

The Meaning of History

HIS 487*

Senior Seminar

POS 201

American Government



PSY 281

Introduction to Psychology

In addition to the specific required courses, 15 additional credits in upper level courses, including 9 at the 400 level must be taken.
At least 3 of these credits must be taken in each US, European and non-western areas.

SOC 200

Perspective Consciousness Soc. Justice

Humanities or Literature or Fine Arts

6 credits

A total of 6 elective credits

Foreign Language

3 credits


Depending on Placement