Degree Requirements

The minimum grade of C is required in all major courses. Students should choose a regional track (e.g., Latin America) within the major. The advisor's approval is needed when choosing an elective within the major.

The social science component will include HIS 150 and 9 credits of HIS electives; POS 201 and 325, and 9 credits of POS electives.

The business component will include BUS 181; ECO 201-202; 6 credits of ECO 300, 351, 406, or 326; BUS 366; MGT 305; and MGT 336.

The cultural component will include THE 303; SOC 200; GEO 301; and 12 credits of a foreign language.

The remaining distribution requirements will include ENG 111-210; MAT 108, 152; PHI 220 and 3 PHI credits; CS 180; SPE 101 or COM 104; 3 credits in fine arts; 3 credits in HUM; Theology (3 credits); PSY 281, and a science with a lab (4 credits).

In their remaining coursework, students are encouraged to strengthen a component of the major.

The integrative experience will consist of HIS/POS 487 or a study abroad experience. Students are strongly encouraged to consider an internship to enhance their international experience.

Students in International Studies wishing to pursue postgraduate work in International Economics require the following intensive directed sequence or track in the business component: ECO 201-202; ECO 301-302; ECO 351; ECO 426: ECO 441; and BUS 366. This will be supplemented by the requirement of POS/ECO 406 in the social sciences component and the requirement of MAT 152 and a choice of MAT 210 or 211 in the distribution component. Students planning to pursue a graduate economics degree should strengthen the mathematics component in distribution by adding MAT 212; MAT 213; MAT 314, and MAT 332 to their program of study.