Why Study Hispanic/Latino Theology and Ministry?

To Better Serve God’s People and the Emerging Church

According to the 2000 Census, Hispanics and Latinos are the largest ethnic group in the United States (12.5% total population) and continued growth is expected. Currently, more than 40% of the Catholics in this country are Hispanics and Latinos. In 20 years, 60 to 70% of Catholics will be of Hispanic/Latino origin, according to estimates from the Office of Hispanic Affairs of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. These patterns of growth are also being experienced within the Protestant Churches.

If you are working or desire to work as an ordained or lay ecclesial minister within the multicultural environment that is the 21st century Christian church, academic training and intellectual and ministerial formation in Hispanic/Latino theology and ministry will prepare you to better serve and lead within the emerging Church.

To Critically Reflect on the Hispanic/Latino Religious Experience

There is a growing dialogue among U.S. Hispanic/Latino theologians and ministers that studies and articulates the Hispanic/Latino culture, practices and traditions. The insights gained from this dialogue offer you an opportunity to better understand and engage the religious experience of the Hispanic/Latino community. Your integration of professional experience along with theological training and reflection on the Hispanic/Latino experience will provide valuable insights leading to new skills and increased proficiency.

To Gain the Knowledge You Need to Serve the Hispanic/Latino community

At Barry’s Institute for Hispanic/Latino Theology and Ministry, you will engage in critical theological reflection on a variety of topics central to developing a keen understanding of the Hispanic/Latino religious experience.

You will study with Barry’s excellent and experienced faculty, who are actively involved in research in U.S. Hispanic/Latino theology and ministry at the national level.

Barry’s Institute is a leader in the field of Hispanic/Latino theology and ministry and is a place where you can be a part of a community of learners sharing an integrated academic experience that fosters intellectual growth and ministerial formation.

Designed for working professionals in ecclesial ministry, Barry’s convenient study options allow you to continue meeting your other responsibilities while you complete a certificate program or earn an advanced degree with a concentration in Hispanic/Latino Theology and Ministry.

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