Course Descriptions

Courses offered through the Institute for Hispanic/Latino Theology and Ministry can be applied to the Doctor of Ministry program, the MA in Practical Theology or a Certificate in Hispanic/Latino Theology and Ministry.

THE 630 U.S. Hispanic/Latino Theology
The ministerial praxis and practical theology methods of the U.S. Hispanic/Latino(a) Church. We explore the missiological implications of inculturation, U.S. Hispanic/Latino ecclesiology, theology of ministry, and contextual theology.

THE 633 Hispanic/Latino Ministry and Practical Theology
An examination of the contribution that this contextual theology is making to theological method, inculturation, systematic theology, ecclesiology, social ethics, biblical interpretation, and feminist thought.

THE 716 Latino Popular Religiosity and its Ethics of Solidarity
The practices of popular Latino religious expression and their origins in Medieval Iberian piety and in Latin American Catholicism.

THE 717 Feminista/ Mujerista Theology
The critical reflections and voices of Hispanic/Latina women. Emphasis will be placed on the Feminista/ Mujerista theologians who attempt to understand and articulate the lived experience of faith of Hispanic women in the United States.

THE 718 Liturgy and Preaching in Latino Congregations
Examination of liturgical inculturation, popular liturgical practices, and preaching within the context of the Latino culture.

THE 720 Christian Spirituality and U.S. Hispanic/Latino Experience
An in-depth examination of Christian spirituality in light of U.S. Hispanic/Latino experience. This course models Hispanic/Latino spirituality as a public pursuit of wholeness and investigates the subject matter through the organizing principles of the family, mestizaje, popular religion/sacramentality, and festive hope. It examines these within the context of the encounter of Latino cultures with globalization, modernity, and U.S. culture.