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Ministerial Formation

A distinct feature of Barry University’s graduate theology program is the diversity of its students: lay, clergy, vowed religious, many coming from various denominational backgrounds.

Within this diversity, we have designed ministerial formation programs intended to meet your specific ministerial goals and needs, using as our framework the document Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord. You will be guided through this process, developing a sound personal and contextual consciousness in regard to human, intellectual, spiritual, and pastoral formation.

Some facets of our program include:

  • An Entrance Interview and Self-assessment
  • Discerning the call to service (written narrative)
  • Ongoing spiritual formation
  • Theological reflection and pastoral skills formation

Master of Arts in Practical Theology

The two supervised ministry courses in the M.A. in Practical Theology are intended to equip you with tools that will help improve the outcome of your work in ministerial formation and community ministry. It is our hope that the tools you acquire in these courses will continue to shape your ministry throughout your life, in a variety of ways.

Doctor of Ministry

If you are enrolling in the Doctor of Ministry program, your ministerial formation course will provide you with an opportunity to reflect on and assess past ministry, evaluate your current skills, and enable you to strengthen some areas of your skill set to further enhance your competency.

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