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Our Students

Why do Honors Program students join the Program?

The Honors Program students listed the following reasons as their main reasons for joining the program:

  • the availability of the scholarship,
  • the intellectual exchanges between the Honors Program faculty and students,
  • the accessibility to the Honors Program computer lab,
  • the opportunity to attend conferences, and
  • the camaraderie among the Honors Program peers.

Who joins the Honors Program at Barry?

The students who join also come from all academic backgrounds. Currently, the Honors Program is home to students with the following majors:

  • Accounting
  • Athletic Training
  • Biology
  • Communication and Media Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Criminology
  • Education
  • English
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Finance
  • General Studies
  • History
  • International Business
  • International Studies
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Math
  • Pre-Law
  • Pre-Nursing
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Sport Management
  • Theatre
  • Theology

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