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Comparing Expenses For Living On Campus vs. Off Campus

Living On Campus

Per MonthDouble Shared BathDouble Private BathSingle Shared BathSingle Private Bath
Rent*$1,233.75 $1,285.00 $1,491.25 $1,542.50
Untilities** (Gas/Elextric)IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Food (Moderate)****IncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Total (Monthly)$1,233.75 $1,285.00 $1,491.25 $1,542.50
Total (Semester)$4,935.00 $5,140.00 $5,965.00 $6,170.00

Per MonthHolly House StudioHolly House 1 BdrmHolly House 2 Bdrm
Rent*$951.25 $1,206.25 $915.00
Untilities** (Gas/Elextric)IncludedIncludedIncluded
Food (Moderate)****IncludedIncludedIncluded
Total (Monthly)$951.25 $1,206.25 $915.00
Total (Semester)$3,805.00 $4,825.00 $3,660.00

Living On Campus Notes:

* Monthly rent cost for campus housing are the Housing Rates per room type, divided by a four (4) month period.

**** Holly House food expense is represented by the cost of the Holly House Block 15 Meal Plan divided by a four (4) month period. If you choose not to select a meal plan, or to select a meal plan of lower value your monthly costs will be lower.

Living Off Campus

Per monthEfficiency1 bdrm2 bdr/1 bath2 bdr/2 bath3 bdr/2 bath
Utilities** (Gas/Electric)$60.00$70.00$120.00$130.00$150.00
Food (moderate)****$269.00$269.00$323.00$323.00$355.00
Total (Monthly)$1,284$1,498$1,863$1,996$2,260
Total (Semester)$5,136$5,992$7,452$7,984$9,040

Living Off Campus Notes:

* Please be advised that rent costs are averages for the whole of Miami-Dade county. The cost of rent within individual neighborhoods of Miami may be substantially lower or higher than the figures represented above.

** Utilities are averages per square feet. (The average cost of electricity per kWh is $0.116 for the Miami areas. This information was cited from the Bureau of Labor Statistics; "Average energy prices in Miami- Fort Lauderdale - September 2011.")

*** Cable and Internet costs are basic prices for these services. Special promotions, bundles, or added features are not reflected in these costs.

**** Food costs are national averages derived from the United States Department of Agriculture, for moderate food expense of males between 19-50 years of age.

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