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Mottram Doss Hall

Mottram Doss HallMottram Doss Hall Interior

Mottram-Doss residence hall is named after Renee Mottram Doss, one of Barry's benefactors. It contains 12 five-bedroom / two-bath suites and 4 three-bedroom / one-bath suites. View Rates.

Mailing address

11300 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami Shores, Florida 33161

Special Features

  • Cable including HBO
  • Free Laundry

Hall Environment

  • Upperclassman
    Returning Student
  • Co-Ed by Suite
  • Shared bathrooms in
    each suite
  • Wireless
  • Returning

Room Environment

  • Single Shared Rooms
  • Double Shared Rooms
  • Self-lofting beds
  • Moveable furniture

Mottram Doss Five Bed IsoMottram Doss Five Bed Top

Mottram Doss Three Bed IsoMottram Doss Three Bed Top

*Single Shared Rooms will have one of each furniture piece.