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Violation of University and/or Residence Hall Policies

In order to insure the safety and well-being of the entire resident student community, the Department of Housing and Residence Life staff members are charged with interpreting and enforcing the rules and regulations outlined in this manual as well as in the Student Code of Conduct. Resident students are expected to cooperate fully with staff members, including but not limited to Residence Coordinators, Resident Assistants, and Desk Assistants. The Department of Housing and Residence Life is committed to providing appropriate due process when resolving these issues.

A resident involved in illegal activities on campus may face both university discipline and civil or criminal action. It is each student's responsibility to be aware of all federal, state and local laws including, but not limited to those referring to alcohol, gambling, fireworks, fire alarms, drugs, vandalism and sexual offenses.

Failure to Comply

Failure to comply with lawful instructions of a University official (i.e. faculty, staff, administrators, Housing and Residence Life staff, etc.) or non-University law enforcement officers in the performance of his/her duties is prohibited. Compliance with the final decision/sanction rendered by a disciplinary hearing officer or review body is required. Failure to comply will result in additional disciplinary action and a University Housing disciplinary hold will be placed on the student's University records.

Student Disciplinary Process

The purpose of the disciplinary process is to determine the facts upon which the charges are based in order to determine a decision that represents the best interests of the residents of the University Housing community as a whole while maintaining the rights of the individuals involved. This is not a legal system, but rather an educational process based upon a Student Disciplinary Process model. The decision will be based upon the preponderance of evidence standard.


Although all disciplinary matters in the university are handled through the Office of the Dean of Students, the Department of Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to summon students to appear for various reasons, including, but not limited to, alleged violation(s) of university and/or residence hall policy. Students who do not comply with summons to appear and/or who fail to attend scheduled meetings regarding policy violations may face disciplinary action for failing to appear as well as for the documented violation(s).

Departmental Sanctions

If found responsible for a violation of any rule, regulation and/or policy stated in the Housing Agreement and/or this manual, residents will be subject to further sanctions, such as but not limited to one or more of the following sanctions:

  1. A verbal warning
  2. Written warning
  3. Probation: This sanction is usually given for no less than one semester and no more than one year. If found responsible for any other violation(s) while on probation, a resident may receive a stricter sanction.
  4. Appropriate service and/or financial compensation.
  5. Required participation in community service and/or an educational activity.
  6. Reassignment to another room and/or university housing unit.
  7. Inability to apply for future housing.
  8. Temporary suspension from housing.

Termination of housing agreement. When a student's housing agreement is terminated, the student must vacate the housing assignment within 48 hours. Other, as appropriate (including a combination of any of the above) or as defined in the university Student Handbook. Fines: The Department of Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to fine for violations of departmental policies and procedures. These fines include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Alcohol
  2. First Offense $50.00
  3. Second Offense $100.00
  4. Marijuana $100.00
  5. Appliance $25.00
  6. Candles $25.00
  7. Defacing Property $100.00
  8. Failure to Evacuate during fire alarm $150.00
  9. Unauthorized Room Change $150.00
  10. Lock Out $10.00
  11. Pets (per day) $50.00
  12. Room/Furniture Modification $100.00 - $200.00
  13. Smoking in Room $25.00
  14. Tampering with Fire Equipment $150.00
  15. Trash $100.00


Residents may appeal a decision rendered by the hearing officer by submitting a formal letter of appeal to the next highest judicial level within 48 hours of the original hearing. After such time, appeals will not be considered. All initial decisions will remain in effect until a disposition of the appeal.

Appeals must be based on more than just a disagreement with the outcome of the hearing. They must be based on one of three things; new evidence that could not be presented at the time of the hearing, severity of the penalty (only applicable when removal from university housing is the sanction), and failure to receive due process (this basis must be specified). Failure of a student to comply with or complete sanctions will result in additional sanctions, including, but not limited to automatic termination of his/her Housing Agreement.

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