Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

  • Applied Sport and Exercise Sciences

    Gain a broad perspective of exercise sciences, encompassing coaching, fitness, and recreation management. The ideal program for students focusing on a well-rounded route within sport and exercise sciences.

  • Athletic Training

    Prevention, assessment, care, and rehabilitation of physical activity-related injuries

  • Athletic Training, BS to MS

    Complete both your BS in Athletic Training and MS in Injury and Sport Biomechanics in just five years in this seamless program

  • Exercise Physiology

    Exercise prescription and fitness assessment, exercise leadership, strength and conditioning for sports, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation

  • Exercise Physiology, BS to MS

    BS to MS seamless accelerated program in fitness, wellness and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation

  • Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology

    Understanding the psychological factors that impact sport, exercise, and non-sport performance

  • Sport Management

    Basic understandings in sport and exercise; foundational knowledge in management, marketing, finance, and human resource skills to prepare for sport-related careers

  • Sport Management, BS to MS

    Complete both your BS and MS in just five years in this seamless program

Undergraduate Minors

  • Coaching

    Study of theory, practice, and risk management awareness in coaching developing athletes.

  • Diving Education

    Dedicated to service majors outside Sport Management who desire in-depth theoretical knowledge, intensive practical skill application and risk management awareness in the use of SCUBA equipment for work and recreation.

  • Exercise Physiology

    Complementing pre-professional majors in medical, allied health, athletic training or other science-based fields who are interested in further study in the areas of exercise prescription and fitness programming.

  • Leisure and Recreation Management

    For students interested in broadening their knowledge in the leisure field and preparing for career opportunities in the recreation industry.

  • Sport Management

    To complement professional majors for careers in sport-related fields including amateur, professional, and collegiate sport administration, as well as entrepreneurial businesses focusing on health, fitness, recreation, sport and sport products.

  • Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology

    The minor is a 21 credit hour program designed specifically to service majors in the Sport and Exercise Sciences as well as those in other related programs, such as Psychology.

Graduate Programs

Instructional Activities in Sport and Recreation