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Admissions Requirments

Application to the BS in Athletic Training Program

To apply to Barry's undergraduate program in athletic training, you must first apply for admission to Barry University. Upon admission to Barry University, you can be granted interim acceptance into the Athletic Training program. Once you have met all Interim Acceptance Requirements and have completed 24 credit-hours, you can apply for acceptance to the clinical program. To be considered for graduation in Athletic Training, you must be accepted into the clinical program.

The School of Human Performance and Leisure Sciences has implemented this 2-step process to help ensure your success and to ensure that graduates of the program will leave Barry as qualified, competent professionals. The steps in this application process are outlined below.

Application to Barry University

To apply to Barry University, you must submit the following to the Office of Admissions:

  • A completed undergraduate application. This application can be electronically submitted.
  • Application fee of US $30. Please make your nonrefundable application fee payable to Barry University
  • Official high school transcripts and all college/university transcripts
  • Official SAT I or ACT scores

If you are an international student whose first language is not English, you must also submit a TOEFL score. Educational records - transcripts, record of marks, school-leaving examinations - must be accompanied by certified English translations if in a language other than English.

Clinical Program Requirements in Athletic Training

Students must be accepted into the Clinical Program in order to be considered candidates for graduation in Athletic Training. To satisfy Barry University and CAATE requirements, you must complete 1200 hours of supervised practical in six continuous semesters of clinical study prior to applying for the BOC certification examination in accordance with the standards set by Barry University, the Board of Certification (BOC), and the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). Clinical skills and Internship courses may not be taken concurrently. All course requirements for certification by the BOC are included in the Athletic Training major and can be found at

Clinical Program Selection Criteria

To be selected for Barry's clinical program in athletic training, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. A minimum of 24 credit (semester) hours completed.
  2. SES 181: A. T. Pre-clinical Skills I; SES 281: A. T. Pre-clinical Skills II; BIO 230: Human Anatomy with lab; SES 220: care and prevention of athletic injuries and lab; SES 212: Emergency Response and Lab completed with all certifications and a grade of C or better.
  3. Major declared in Athletic Training.
  4. A program application form completed and filed with the Program Director.
  5. Official transcripts on file with the academic advisor. Students transferring to Barry and simultaneously applying for acceptance into the clinical program must have their official transcripts filed with their clinical application to the Program Director.
  6. Both a cumulative and major GPA of 2.75 or higher to enter and to remain active in the clinical program.
  7. Two program recommendations on file with the Program Director.
  8. Statement of personal and professional goals filed with the Program director. (one full page, typed, double spaced)
  9. Successful completion of interview with the selection committee.
  10. Technical Standards acknowledgement signed by applicant and witnessed by program director.

The candidates for the clinical component of the athletic training professional program must meet all 10 criteria listed above. The number of appointments to the program will vary from year to year. Program application materials must be received by April 1 of the first academic year in which the student participates as an Athletic Training major in order to be considered for the fall semester. These fall candidates will be notified of their clinical program status after June 1.

Students not accepted on the first attempt have one more opportunity to apply. The application must be resubmitted the next consecutive year. Students unable to qualify for acceptance into the clinical program after the consecutive attempts will be withdrawn from the major.

Transfer students: If you are a transfer student, your credentials will be examined on the basis of the same ten criteria.

Clinical Experiences: Students who have completed the academic program in Athletic Training must have also completed (SES 381 A and SES 381B at Level II and SES 481A and SES 481B at Level III totaling eight credit) prior to being approved for enrollment in SES 499, I and II (Internships). 1200 clinical field experience contact hours of supervised clinical experience must be completed prior to receiving a final grade in SES 499 II. All Athletic Training majors must apply for the BOC examination no later than the final semester of study in order to be approved for graduation.

The clinical education component of the Athletic Training Program at Barry University is a proficiency-based program which utilizes approved clinical instructor mentoring to assist you in attaining athletic training clinical knowledge and skills. Each year is considered a clinical level in which selected modules and experiences must be completed BEFORE advancing to the next clinical level.

For more information on all clinical program requirements, refer to the Barry University catalog or e-mail

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