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Minor in Diving Education

The Minor in Diving Education is designed specifically to support student majors in areas outside of Sport Management who want to expand their career field of choice with underwater options such as:

Marine Biology Assist with underwater scientific research expeditions around the world
Environmental ScienceBecome a dive safety officer to protect the oceans
Biological Sciences
(Pre-Med, Nursing)
Specialize in hyperbaric medicine
International BusinessGuide economic growth from dive travel/tourism
PhotographyDouble your portfolio with underwater photo opportunities
CriminologyBecome an expert in underwater crime investigations
JournalismTravel the globe documenting natural underwater wonders
Broadcast CommunicationsAssist elite film production crews topside & underwater

Obtain the same professional leadership-level industry certification(s) as SM-DI student majors. Students electing this minor must satisfy all SM-Diving Industry criteria for involvement as stated in University catalog under Program Requirements. The following courses are required:

SES 110 Intro to Diving Sciences, Technology & Management (2)
SES 211Lifeguarding (2)
SES 212/ 212LEmergency Response (3)
SES 226Seamanship (3)
SES 230Recreational Diving Theory (3)
SES 240/240LDive Accident Management & Rescue with Laboratory (3)
SES 311Tropical Diving Environments with Laboratory (3)
SES 351/351LDiving Leadership Practicum (3)
22 credits
Recommended Electives: (3 credit hours required)
SES 308Recreational Diving Specialties (3)
SES 362Global Sport Diving Industry (3)
SES 365Hyperbaric Physiology (3)
Total: 25 credits

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