Industry Connections

The ultimate goal of the SM-DI program is to expose the students to as much as possible during their stay at Barry University . Providing a wide variety of experiences helps to shape the student as they prepare to standout as professionals in all diving-related industries.

Here are some examples of exciting internship experiences that have been offered to SM-DI students:

  1. Attendance at the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) Trade Show
    Each year upper classmen are introduced to the international scope of the diving industry as they network for internship site placement and career opportunities.
  2. Deep Ambitious Career Fair (DEMA)                                                                                                               Leadership-level students assist middle-school students in learning about the fun of scuba diving as a sport.
  3. Beneath the Sea Marine Career Fair
    Students mentor high school students looking towards higher education opportunities.
  4. Participation in the Diver's Alert Network Project Dive Exploration Research
    Students collected and recorded actual dive profiles for medical research in dive safety
  5. International Association of Handicapped Divers Annual Try SCUBA Program
    People of all physical ability levels are able to try breathing underwater for the first time. Students act as trained dive safety partners for the participants.
  6. Miami-Dade Firefighters Underwater Search & Rescue Program
    Students participated in the simulated underwater rescue of victims in submerged car while learning important safe rescue operations.
  7. Video Ray Remote Operated Vehicle Pilot Certification Program
    The specialty needs of rescue operations; police investigations; Homeland Security; environmental and marine sciences often require divers able to pilot submersible cameras. Students teamed with members of the U.S. Coast Guard at Port Everglades.
  8. Teaching Adapted Marine Surveying (TEAMS)
    Three students were selected to spend four weeks in Bonaire , Netherlands Antilles as underwater research assistants for a special project looking at ways to adapt current marine data collection techniques for use by handicapped divers.