Program Objectives

Program Objectives for Graduates of Sport Management

For successful entry into the international recreational diving industry and related fields, graduates must:

  • Demonstrate a solid foundation of knowledge of the diverse career opportunities by listing the specific technical skills required for those areas.
  • Demonstrate a functional command of the physics involved in compressed gas and breath-hold diving and the resulting physiological and psychological effects on the human body from juvenile to geriatric.
  • Utilize that knowledge base for appropriate safe planning of diving operations within a multitude of aquatic environments using the current technical support equipment within the industry.
  • Demonstrate a high degree of personal watermanship ability topside and underwater, including but not limited to swimming; breath-hold diving; rescue techniques; SCUBA skills and seamanship.
  • Hold current certifications as a lifeguard and as a qualified emergency responder to maintain life support in remote locations until more qualified medical personnel arrive.
  • Manage all aquatic-related emergencies whether local or remote in location and provide total appropriate care for the situation, including notification of all professional agencies with required documentation.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work with and take full professional responsibility for diverse populations who present with specific needs whether cognitive or motor in nature and manage the risk in a variety of aquatic environments.
  • Attain professional diving leadership certification with an international training organization, be current with all legal and ethical issues and be governed by all professional standards as written.
  • Be proficient in safe dive operations planning, execution and management for various underwater work within international tropical environments whether from land or a vessel.
  • Demonstrate the needs of the international business aspects and current trends of the global diving industry including: marketing, promotion, sport tourism including cultural diversity in human resource management.
  • Perform as an instructional assistant to a professional SCUBA instructor in maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for new divers to enter into the recreational diving market as educated consumers.
  • Demonstrate appropriate professional ethics in the preservation and conservation of the marine environment, and educate others to support these efforts.