September 2010: Ground Breaking Data Collection Taking Place at Barry University


Barry University SMDI Instructor Brett Scaglione (Right) takes some time to pose with research volunteer Bo Ong (Left) and show off the pulse oxymeter and housing used for the SMDI Data collection.


Research volunteer Bo Ong relaxes at depth while getting heart rate and oxygen saturation readings taken.

SMDI instructor Brett Scaglione and Freediving Instructors International founder Martin Stepanek traveled to Kona, Hawaii in order to take oxygen saturation

and heart rate readings on freedivers at depth. F.I.I's yearly freediving camp offered perfect conditions in order to be able to take the first readings on breath hold divers beyond depths of 100'. Using a pulse oxymeter with a one of a kind housing designed and fabricated by Mitchell Design Solution's Neal Mitchell, this data collection is the start of an ever increasing pool of data which one day may help the diving industry fully understand shallow water blackout.