Underwater Classrooms

Classroom Atlantic - Because 70% of the world is our classroom

Barry University is the prime tropical location to provide a home for the leading academic program in underwater education. As a SM-DI major, you will have a unique classroom and laboratory – the Atlantic Ocean!

South Florida is the most northern point of the Caribbean reef chain and offers access to year-round diving. It is also home to the most extensive artificial reef program in the country where many sites are within safe recreational diving depths. The Florida Keys have long been a mecca for divers and are an easy commute from campus. Entry level SCUBA courses taught on campus afford the beginning student, as well as aspiring dive leaders and instructor candidates, the opportunity to train in actual ocean conditions.

Our programs include other unique Florida dive opportunities when our classes venture into the Gulf of Mexico, the northern Florida springs, and to Caribbean island resort destinations. With all these resources easily accessible, you will be exposed to a broad-based educational program involving all types of aquatic environments.

Because 70% of the World is Our Classroom