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Brett Scaglione, Instructor

Brett Scaglione

Making an impact in the quality and safety of aquatic experiences for recreational divers has been a mainstay in Brett Scaglione's personal and professional experiences in the diving industry. Knowledgeable in the cold waters of the Pacific and New England as well as warmer destinations as the Bahamas and the Caribbean, Brett has a healthy respect for the ocean environment and her inhabitants.

Having served in the unique hospitality venue of liveaboard diving operations, Brett brings this important added dimension to the SMDI classroom, providing real-life solutions for problems experienced in this challenging environment. Proactive training is the mantra of the SMDI Program, and Brett's teaching philosophy is a perfect match. His knowledge of critical Emergency Response has also translated into instruction for all SES student- majors who are required to have these current life-saving certifications.

Brett is known for his professionalism, personal integrity and ethics that are not only exemplary but consistent whether in the classroom with students or in the field with industry professionals. His passion for the evolving free diving segment of the industry will help to create more emerging professionals for this growing field.

Brett received his undergraduate degree from Barry University's distinctive SMDI Program and his MS in Sport Management from Barry's School of Human Performance & Leisure Sciences.

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