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David Dasilva

David Dasilva

MS in Movement Science with a Specialization in Sport and Exercise
Science, class of 2003
Mental Conditioning Coach / Consultant
Every Tennis Academy
Boca Raton, Florida

"The Barry program has given me the platform to jumpstart my career in the field of sport psychology. Not only did the program teach me the foundational skills necessary to do what I do every day, but the ability to work with student athletes during the program gave me confidence in myself as a practitioner and enabled me to establish future goals accordingly."
Bijal Shah

Bijal Shah

MS in Movement Science with a Specialization in Sport and Exercise
Psychology, class of 2006.
Exercise Specialist & Group Fitness Program Supervisor Merrill Lynch
Fitness center, Powered by Plus One Inc., New York

"Barry's Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology program is one of the best organized programs in the field of Sport & Exercise Psychology, with the best blend of professors. Dr. Poczwardowski is inclined towards Qualitative research Dr. Cremades towards quantitative. The program gives students a great opportunity to get the best of both worlds & then make a choice. Barry is one of only a few schools that has an applied program, which makes it easier for students to be out there in the field and know what exactly happens in the real world of consulting. The curriculum which is based on the AASP guidelines makes it easier for students to work towards their provisional certification."

Two graduating seniors received awards at the University Honors Convocation on May 9. Dr. G. Jean Cerra, Dean of the School of Human Performance and Leisure Sciences, presented her Dean's Award to Pedro Valdez, Exercise Science and Nora Conroy, Sport Management.

Pedro Valdes

Pedro Valdes, major in Exercise Science, has been named to the President's List for two semesters and the Dean's List for four semesters. His cumulative grade point average of 3.599 and service projects - at Barnes Park with individuals with disabilities, and at Memorial West Hospital in the cardiac rehabilitation program - earned him recognition as a National Association of Sport and Physical Education Major-of-the-Year.

During his internship at Broward General Hospital he went above and beyond his program requirements and created, promoted, and implemented an employee weight loss program. In addition to working with each individual, he developed a seminar series on exercise and nutrition. He presented seminars and arranged for other professionals to also present topics. Evident by high attendance and individual achievement of goals, his project was a success.
Pedro currently attends medical school at the University of Virginia. Congratulations to Pedro Valdes on receiving the Dean's Award.

Nora Conroy is a major in Sport Management. Nora's cumulative grade point average of 3.871 has placed her on the President's or Dean's List each of her eight semesters at Barry. She has been a leader in the classroom, on the competitive field, and among her student-athlete peers. She's volunteered at numerous community events, athletic and otherwise. Her leadership on academic, athletic, and community fronts earned her recognition as a National Association of Sport and Physical Education Major-of-the-Year.

Here are graduates in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences for December, 2002. Some have gone on to graduate school, others are seeking positions in their career of choice, and some are already employed in their fields of endeavor. Congratulations to each and every one! The faculty and staff rejoice with the families of these successful graduates who are moving from their undergraduate classrooms into society to make a difference in the lives of those with whom they come into contact. We'll follow their careers with interest and will look forward to being able to assist with future concerns. Watch this page to see where they attend graduate school, where they are successfully employed, and to read their professional success stories.

Kristi ArmstrongSport Management
Yoemniz BaezPhysical Education cum laude
Luis BoullonSport Management
Sean CaseySport Management
Oscar CerroAthletic Training cum laude
Jorge DavilaAthletic Training
Daniel FernandezSport Management
Gregory Jean-PierreAthletic Training
Ricardo Martinez-PerezExercise Science
James McSweeneyAthletic Training
Jennifer MorganAthletic Training
Maya PelaezSport Management
Cara PerrinExercise Science
Deborah SmithAthletic Training
Jerry SmithAthletic Training
Dern TextusSport Management-Diving Industry

Noreen Brantner

Noreen Brantner

Director of Marketing
Tampa Bay Mutiny
Graduate - Sport Management

"Barry was a great stepping stone in preparation for a job in the sports field ... my Master of Sport Management degree from Barry helped catapult me into professional sports and the position that I'm in today."
Pascal Robert

Pascal Robert

Graduate - Diving Industry

"As an international French-speaking student, I came to Barry University, the only school offering a degree in my chosen field. During my studies I found support not only for academics, but also in all the other dimensions of learning to study in a new environment.
The faculty and staff at Barry University helped me to become well-rounded academically, professionally, and socially, and allowed me to become more marketable for today's working environment. I especially appreciated Barry's low professor-to-student ratio emphasizing personalized education.

If you are looking for a quality education within a caring environment you can certainly be a successful student at Barry University. You will be well prepared for future career goals! "

Juan Martinez

Coordinator, Hispanic Marketing
Florida Marlins
Graduate - Sport Management

"My education at Barry really helped me gain the knowledge and experience to go out and excel in the real world of professional sports. The contact with all the various sports teams and facilities in the South Florida area made a huge impact on my academic career. Once I graduated, I had already established enough contacts through Barry University to get my career started in the sport management field. Today, I am the Coordinator of Hispanic Marketing for the Florida Marlins and have been with the organization since January 1999. The experience and education I received at Barry University are responsible for where I am today."
Angel Rovira

Angel Rovira

Owner, Parguera Divers
Graduate - Diving Industry

"Barry University gave me the knowledge and tools to make my dream become reality. In my teenage years I developed a fascination for scuba diving, and wished it could become my career. My love for the sport began with my first submersion. Surrounded by water in an unknown world gave me a unique feeling. I wanted that feeling to last forever, and I immediately decided to make scuba diving my life. I knew, though, that I couldn't accomplish my dream without the right college education.

I could have attained my diving and instructor's certifications through a dive shop, and that would have taken me only one year. But doing that would not have provided me with the best training, education, and experience. Barry University trained me in scuba diving as I worked toward a bachelor's degree, which covered all aspects of the diving industry - from science to business management. I needed all these tools to actually become the best. This special knowledge separates me from the rest of the diving crowd.

After my graduation I returned home, turning the waters of Southwest Puerto Rico into my office. What better place to build a career!! In Puerto Rico I connected with one of its diving pioneers and the best dive shop on the island, Parguera Divers. During the past few months I have been able to acquire Parguera Divers and improve and grow the business. I am sure that the education Barry University gave me is going to help me bring Parguera Divers Puerto Rico Inc. to the next level, making it a safer, better, and more modern dive shop. I thank Barry University for my training and education."

Rene Rodrigue

Rene Rodrigue

Teacher, Adapted Physical Education
Riviera Middle School
Graduate - Physical Education

"As a Certified Adapted Physical Educator, I teach in the Miami-Dade County Public School System. I'm state endorsed and nationally certified in my field. I owe all of this to the quality education I received at Barry University. Now in my fourth year of teaching children with physical and mental disabilities, I work with educable, trainable, profoundly mentally handicapped, physically impaired and autistic students. Barry's commitment to an excellent curriculum and caring, supportive faculty is responsible for my personal and professional success. Barry's curriculum and faculty prepared me for my current professional responsibilities and my continued professional development.

Aside from an excellent education, the most important thing I received from Barry were the personal and professional relationships I developed with my fellow students, advisors, and professors. Barry University is not just an institution where you can earn a degree; it is a safe learning environment where you can grow as both an individual and professional. "

Catalina Franco-Cicero

Physical Education Teacher
Welleby Elementary School
Co-Owner, Fitness for Kids
Graduate - Physical Education

" The most important thing that I can say about Barry University is that "I LOVE THIS PLACE!!" Barry University opened doors and gave me the tools, resources, and confidence I needed to start my career as a physical education teacher. I loved the small classes and the availability of the professors. I never felt like a number, but more like part of a family - a family to which I am still very close, and one with which that I can continue to confer about my professional concerns.

At first, I was hesitant about attending Barry University because of my financial need. However, once I met with a financial aid advisor I found out how much Barry was willing to help me attain my dream. I received an academic and athletic scholarship. Now, when I reflect on my experience, I realize how blessed I am to have met professors who not only cared about my education, but about me as a person. I think that anyone who is willing to spend precious time and effort shaping their future should do it in a place where the whole person is nurtured.

Since I began teaching, I have been nominated for the Sally Mae Beginning Teacher of the Year and I have received the Miami-Dade Physical Education Association Rookie Teach of the Year award. I owe this to the rewarding experience I had at Barry University."

Deborah Gebara Dunning

Deborah Gebara Dunning

Physical Education Teacher
Barry University
Miami Shores Charter School
Graduate - Physical Education

"The Physical Education program under the direction of Dr. Daniel Rosenberg gave me a very sound foundation, which now enables me to be an excellent teacher. The program focused on real class situations and gave me solutions to deal with them. Dr. Rosenberg placed me in a very good internship position and provided continuing support throughout the entire period. Because of the credibility of the program, I was placed in an excellent job opportunity immediately upon graduating.

Today, I am still supported by Barry's professors in my personal growth and professional development. The program and the individual professors helped me get settled both personally and professionally in the United States."

Heather Wight

Marketing Partnerships Coordinator
Miami Dolphins & Pro Player Stadium
Graduate - Sport Management

"I graduated from Barry University in 1998 with a major in sport management and a minor in business.
Barry University gave me the necessary foundation on which to build a successful career. I learned that experience outside the classroom in internships and volunteering are vital contributors to success. Through professors and administrators at Barry I was able the meet many valuable contacts who have helped me throughout my career. With South Florida being a hotbed for both national and international sports and recreation, there are plenty of opportunities to be involved in sports.

I recommend Barry University's sport management undergraduate program to anyone looking for a well-rounded program; a knowledgeable staff, and endless opportunities that will expand your learning experience."

Kenneth Fill

Kenneth Fill

Assistant Golf Pro
La Gorce Country Club
Graduate - Sport Management

"The Sport Management program at Barry University provided me with a solid foundation to move into the professional world. As a golf professional at Miami's exclusive La Gorce Club, customer service and professionalism are of utmost importance. These are two elements of the sport management curriculum that I learned how to achieve at Barry. That curriculum challenged me to strive for excellence. Barry makes the transition from student to professional a very comfortable one. I owe that all to my professors and advisors. I am very proud to tell people that I graduated with a degree in sport management from Barry University."

Michael Summers

Owner & President
Human Performance Solutions
Graduate - Athletic Training

"During my time at Barry I found the program to be of the highest quality and integrity. The fields of sports medicine and athletic training are growing rapidly. Barry is right there at the cutting edge of this knowledge base.

The design and flow of the curriculum made my time in the Athletic Training program efficient and seamless. The program is most comprehensive and progressive and, in my opinion, produces athletic trainers that are second to none. The program is not for everyone. It is difficult, it is focused, and it is structured in such a way that allows for only the most dedicated and driven students to flourish in its environment. For just that reason I thank Dr. Carl Cramer and the wonderful staff of the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences for providing a most enlightening educational experience.
I believe that Barry has provided me all the tools required to run a profitable and cutting edge company.

I enthusiastically encourage those of you who have a passion for athletic health care to aggressively seek inclusion in what I consider to be the finest Athletic Training program in the country."

Tanya Burnett

Graduate - Diving Industry

"Upon graduating from Barry University's Dive Management program, I applied the skills that I'd learned to open and operate one of the most successful full-service retail dive operations in the southeastern United States. H2O Scuba's success stemmed from the educational experience I'd gained through Barry's unique program.

Throughout the five years I operated H2O Scuba, I continued to hone my talent in several areas involving diving. For one, I found that I could use the store as a platform from which I could lead group trips to exotic dive destinations throughout the world. I continued my focus in creating unique underwater images and I refined my skills as an advanced technical diver, which allowed me to extend my range of depth and time while increasing my safety margin. Additionally, I've written several articles that have been published in industry periodicals, represented several leading dive equipment manufacturers, and also found time to be involved with the creation and implementation of training manuals for one of the top technical dive training agencies.

Thus far, my overall involvement in scuba diving has followed several different avenues within the diving industry. Currently, I'm working as an independent travel consultant for one of the few well-known, world-wide dive travel wholesalers. So, you see, the road never ends and continually improves as you learn more and more about this world and what it has to offer. I wish the best for you in safe travels and diving!"

Karl Thompson

Graduate - Physical Education

"To me Barry gets an A+. A real world atmosphere in my physical education methods classes helped me get hands on experience and a true feeling for the field. To top off that setting, my professors always went above and beyond to give me all the tools that I needed to experience success. I thank all of them for everything they did to enrich my life."

Catherine Waterhouse

Athletic Trainer and Teacher
Monsignor Pace High School
Graduate - Athletic training

"If you had asked me where I'd be a year after graduating from Barry University I would have wondered myself, but without a doubt I knew I'd pursue the career for which I was diligently preparing. Granted, I can't take all of the credit because without the education and the path I chose at Barry University, I would not have had the background and knowledge that has led me to the career I love today as a high school teacher and athletic trainer.

The undergraduate program in Athletic Training helped me accomplish my goal. The faculty and students at Barry shared learning experiences with me that I know I could not have received anywhere else. The program delivered all that it offered and more. I received my education and field experience from some of the best teachers I have ever encountered. My professors were an inspiration to me in my decision to complement my athletic training skills with teaching skills so that I can help educate today's youth. Thanks to Barry University, I have the skills and the knowledge to do my job well."

Kate Rogers

Kate Rogers

Kate Rogers attained her Masters in Exercise Science in May 2005 from Barry University. Her thesis examined "Effects of an 8 week Mat Pilates Training Program on Body Composition, Flexibility and Muscular Endurance." Kate moved to Santa Monica, California and is working as an Exercise Physiologist with State of the Heart Fitness.

Julio Pardave

Julio Pardave

Dr. Julio Pardave, Jr., is a licensed chiropractor, athletic trainer, and certified acupuncturist, practicing at USA Sports Therapy in Aventura and Hialeah, Florida. Dr. Pardave graduated from the athletic training program at Barry University and attended Logan College of Chiropractic. He is the team chiropractic physician for Florida International University, Barry University, and St. Thomas University. At Barry University, he serves on the athletic training and biomechanics advisory board, and was an adjunct professor in the School of Human Performance & Leisure Sciences. He has experience treating athletes of all levels, from high school athletes to Olympic athletes. He is part of the medical staff at Bommarito Performance Systems, where he treats athletes in NCAA Division I Football, NFL, MLB, and NHL. He is a member of the medical staff for the Miami-Dade Sports Commission. Dr. Pardave specializes in combining safe chiropractic adjustments, various soft-tissue techniques and rehabilitation exercises to achieve optimal results for the patient. His goal is to provide each patient with individualized care according to each patient’s unique needs and to provide the patient with an exceptional health-care experience.

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