Professor and Associate Dean for Leadership & International Programs

PhD, Human Resource Development, Barry University
MBA, Management, University of Orlando
BS, Business Administration, University of Louisville
AAS, Production Management, University of Louisville
(305) 899-3708

Dr. Kopp joined Barry University in 2002 and, in addition to academia, works with both profit and non-profit organizations focusing on leadership, strategic planning, organizational change and performance improvement. He is a sought after training professional and management consultant and has been a member of the Board of the Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD). Dr. Kopp’s textbook, Human Resource Development: Performance Through Learning, was published by Bridgepoint Education in 2014, and he is currently working on his second book surrounding the social history of training. Dr. Kopp is one of the few academics who holds the CPLP credential (Certified Professional in Learning and Performance) with ATD. He was also Dr. Shaquille O’Neal’s doctoral advisor.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

Academic Books

Kopp, D.M. (2017) Famous and Infamous Workplace Training: A Social History of Training and Development. New York: Palgrave MacMillan (under contract)

Kopp. D.M. (2014). Human Resource Development: Performance Through Learning. San Diego: Bridgepoint Education. ISBN 10: 1621781739, 13: 978-1-62178-173-8.

Academic Book Chapter – Peer Reviewed

Kopp, D. M. (2003). Linking differences in self-directed learning competency to dyadic conflict: An instrumental case study of the leadership dyad of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. In H. B., & Associates (Ed.). Current developments in e-learning & self-directed learning (56-74). Boynton Beach, FL: Motorola University. ISBN 1-56946-073-8

Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles


  • International
    • Kopp, D.M. & Nikolovska, I. (2010). “Relax, I remember the recession in the early 1980s…” Organizational Storytelling as a crisis management tool. Proceedings of The Challenges to Economic Theory and Policy in the Aftermath of the Global Economic Crisis” at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University. Skopje, Macedonia.
    • Kopp, D. (2010). Human Resource Development. Ss. Cyril and Methodius University and FON University. Skopje, Macedonia.
    • Nakov, L., Nikolovska, I., Kopp, D.M, Desiderio, K.P., (2010). The insights of Social and Transitional Justice- Towards a New Global Perspective for HRD. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Human Resource Development across Europe. Pecs, Hungary.
    • Kopp, D.M & Desiderio, K.P. (2009). Training's woeful countenance. Proceedings of the Sixth International Critical Management Studies Conference. Warwick Business School, The University of Warwick, UK.
  • National
    • O’Neal, S, Kopp, D.M. (2014) Half-serious 70% of the time. 3rd North East Texas Humor Research Conference (NETHRC). Southern Methodist University Campus in Dallas, TX.
    • Kopp, D.M, Desiderio, K.P., McAtavey, J.M. (2010) When job aids attack: On the social history of dubious job aids. Proceedings of the Academy of Human Resource Development 20109 International Research Conference. Knoxville. TN.
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