This program is designed for a student to take seven courses, four electives, and an 80-hour internship. A student will be able to demonstrate expertise in training while understanding performance management, organizational development and career development through this program.

Program Format

Core Courses

HRD 644HRD Theory and PracticeExamines the theory, processes, skills, and understanding related to human resource development. Concepts of the leadership role are analyzed and applied.
HRD 645Organizational Communication in the Work PlaceDevelops an understanding of the process of communication in leadership roles and the improvement of personal skills for effective communication.
HRD 646Dynamics of Change and PlanningExamines how change that affects work related behavior takes place within organizations and individuals as a result of the purposeful interventions of a change agent.
HRD 647Instructional DesignExamines the principles of designing and conducting training seminars in an organizational setting.
HRD 659Adult Learning and MotivationExamines human learning and motivation for the purpose of creating and facilitating effective learning experiences for adults in a work-related setting.
EDR 601Methodology of ResearchExplores major research designs and methods emphasizing underlying assumptions, inquiry aims, participant selection, data collection and analysis, interpretation of findings, conclusions, and reporting.
HRD 678HRD Directed ResearchRequires students to plan a research project approved and directed by the academic advisor.
HRD 679HRD Internship (waived for HRD professional)Required of all students who are not currently working in the field. Students will engage in supervised field experience(s) in an OLL setting.


(Typical Electives Include)

HRD 648Work Group Behavior in OrganizationsEmphasizes knowledge and skills necessary to build an effective team and team relationships to carry out a work related goal.
HRD 652Diversity in the WorkplaceExplores the training and development of a culturally sensitive work force.
HRD 653Career Development and Life Work PlanningOverviews the major theories and skill areas in educational planning, career development, and work motivation including understanding career decision-making.
HRD 667Presentation Principles, Methods and TechniquesDevelops knowledge and mastery of competencies necessary for effective training, design and implementation.
HRD 669Consultant Practices in Human Resource DevelopmentIntroduces human resource development professionals to the role of the internal and external consultant.