Quality Improvement Program

The Quality Improvement Program advocates for an organizational culture that promotes positive change through innovative ideas, sustains accountability through standards of excellence, provides opportunities and venues for effective communication, celebrates accomplishment, encourages creativity, leadership, transformation and community service by engaging the entire Barry University community. We do this by:

  • providing learning opportunities and programs that support the Barry CARES initiative and its Principles of Service.
  • facilitating continuous improvement through departmental collaboration
  • managing the Barry CARES feedback system and analyzing the data to identify trends and areas of improvement
  • celebrating excellence through the Thank You for Caring message board
  • mentoring leadership through participation in the QIP Committee

In addition, QIP in collaboration with OE, serves as a resource for departments and units in their strategic efforts to achieve service excellence by offering internal consultation which includes interviews, observations, surveys, in-service learning offerings, teambuilding exercises, cross training, facilitation of retreats and more.