Degree Curriculum

In completing the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology major, students will select a major of 30 credits consisting of core coursework and one or a combination of the following options: an area of specialization, a minor, and/or Experiential Learning Portfolio option.

Degree Requirements

Major Prerequisite Courses (3 credits)

  • CAT 102 - Basic Computer Applications*

Major Core Courses (30 credits)

  • IT 190 - Microcomputer Systems*
  • IT 200 - Foundations of Information Technology*
  • IT 310 - Telecommunications and Computer Networks
  • IT 320 - Computer Security
  • IT 338 - Web Design, Authoring and Publishing
  • IT 426 - Databases
  • IT 499 - Integrated Capstone Project
  • Approved 6-credit upper level IT/IT/NSE elective

The Major Core courses are also all available to students in an online and Web video conferencing format using our state-of-the-art technologies.

Course Electives

*Students may opt to test-out of any of these courses by taking the corresponding challenge examination (view ExamCredit policy).

Take a look at our sequencing of the major core courses.