Information Technology

This minor is designed to provide students with the basic theoretical knowledge and technical skills required by today's information technology professionals. The minor courses are also available in a distance delivery format (online).

Students who successfully complete this minor will:

  • possess a foundation of technical and administrative skills needed to begin a career in the area of information technology
  • provide solutions for organizations with respect to hardware, software, communication, planning, design, implementation, and support of various technologies
  • employ research and critical thinking for analyzing and solving organizational challenges
  • understand various components of the information technology, including hardware, software, communication, planning, design, implementation, and support
  • propose solutions and apply troubleshooting strategies to deal with various technical problems

Students pursuing the bachelor degree in Information Technology program are not allowed to complete this minor. Also, students should seek approved substitution of minor courses that are also counted towards the program core and/or specialization courses. In other words, students must complete 21 credit hours of approved coursework beyond the core or specialization requirements.

The minor consists of the following seven courses and has a three-credit computer literary pre-requisite, CAT102*. A grade of C or higher is required in all minor coursework.

The IT minor courses are also all available to students in an online and Web video conferencing format using our state-of-the-art technologies.

Information Technology Minor Courses (21 credits)

  • IT 200 Foundations of Information Technology 3
  • IT 310 Telecommunication and Computer Networks 3
  • IT 320 Computer Security 3
  • IT 338 Web Design, Authoring and Publishing 3
  • IT 400 IT Project Management 3
  • IT 426 Databases 3
  • IT 450 Administrative Information Systems 3

*Advanced students may earn credits for the CAT102, IT190, or IT200 courses by test-out examination. Please reference the Credit by Examination policy.