Expert Database Of Psychologists, Psychiatrists And Therapists

We maintain a database of psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists in Florida. Call us and we will give you a choices of experts for evaluations, defenses and trial. We are in the process of obtaining their CV’s and collecting input from more than 350 lawyers in Florida who defend juveniles in delinquency court. Due to the sensitive nature of this information, please call us at 407-681-5411 for our list.

Other useful resources:

Human Trafficking
Building Empowerment by Stopping Trafficking from aiding the victim to pursuing and prosecuting the trafficker, nationally and internationally.

Residential Mental Health Program
Find a residential mental health program in Florida for your client:
Department of Health Residential Programs.

Kid Care Health Insurance
Assist the parents apply for Kid Care health insurance for your client:
Florida Kid Care.

Psychiatrist Credentials & Disciplinary Action
Check on credentials and whether disciplinary action has been instituted on a psychiatrist in Florida:
Florida Department of Health.

Apply for Medicaid
Assist the parents to apply for Medicaid for your client:
Medicaid HMOs

List of Florida Non-Reform Medicaid Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and Provider Network Organizations (PSNs)

Medicaid HMO
To contact your client’s Medicaid HMO to find a provider:
Medicaid HMO providers.

Who do you use?
Please email us with who you are using in your county, email:
Carrie Lee at