Bar Preparation

The Barry University School of Law Department of Bar Preparation is responsible for overseeing and administering all bar application and bar preparation related activities at the Law School, including the Barry University School of Law Bar Preparation Program and the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam Program.

The Barry University School of Law Bar Preparation Program is a comprehensive program which starts at the beginning of law school, continues throughout law school, graduation and the bar exam. The Program offers an array of bar focused workshops, bar preparation classes and one-on-one counseling and tutoring regardless of which state a student or graduate plans to take a bar exam.

A detailed Bar Prep webpage provides bar admission and bar-related information at the students' finger tips. Bar Prep workshops and lectures are accessible via the internal webpage. First year law students are provided with on-line black letter law learning tools and in class workshops and lectures relating to the multistate subject areas and essay writing skills. Second year law students have access to additional workshops and lectures to assist them in maintaining knowledge in the multistate subject areas and their essay writing skills. To round out the Program, third year students and other students in their final semester of law school, are required to take two bar preparation courses taught by experienced bar preparation professors; one course covering all six multistate subject areas and the other advanced bar essay writing. After graduation, the Program continues through the bar exam with various lectures, workshops, tutoring, counseling, scheduling and simulated exams designed to meet the needs of Barry Law graduates and supplement their commercial bar review courses.

The Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam Program provides students who have taken Professional Responsibility in law school, with exam preparation and support for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE). The Program offers simulated MPRE exams and hosts various commercial MPRE review sessions at the law school.

All administrative members of the Barry University School of Law Bar Preparation team are available to counsel students on bar applications, bar admission issues, and bar preparation as well as one-on-one tutoring for the bar exam.

For additional information, please contact:

David Mouery, Assistant Dean of Bar Preparation and Academic Success

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