Focus Area

Focus AreaThe J. D. is planned as a general degree; students are not required to declare a specialty. Barry Law offers a structured specialty program in Children and Family Law as well as a wealth of electives in many other practice areas. We recommend that students take a broad series of courses in law school and we can even suggest the courses one might need to focus on a particular practice area. Many candidates change their minds about a focused practice area after taking various law school courses or after participating in clinical opportunities or other internships. While taking multiple courses in a specific subject area is helpful to build knowledge, the practical experiences students gain in particular areas teaches students about the day-to-day operations of law practice--what one would actually be doing daily as a lawyer in practice. This experience assists students in finding jobs in practical ways that taking courses alone may not. Barry Law offers a wealth of electives and features many clinical opportunities including three clinics (Children & Families Clinic; Environmental and Earth Law Clinic; Immigration Clinic) and six externships (Public Defender; Prosecution; Mediation; Judicial; Civil Government; Civil Poverty).

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