Admission to Oath

Admission to Oath

Barry University School of Law offers an innovative and unique Admission to Oath (A2O) program that is part of the supportive, caring environment at Barry Law. A2O gives Barry Law students an edge from the time they are admitted to law school until they take the oath to become attorneys.

Workshops: Before courses begin first year students are introduced to the program through sessions presented by Barry Law professors and staff.

  • The Nuts and Bolts of Law School: Reading & Briefing Cases
    The case law method of learning the law can be confusing for new law students. This session is aimed at demystifying the process.
  • How to Succeed in Law School: Outlining, Time Management, & Study Groups
    This workshop gives students the edge by helping them get the most out of their time. Cramming will not work in law school. Managing the material is at the core of success.
  • Cracking the Code: Multiple Choice Exams
    Learn why even the top students still struggle with multiple choice. This session dissects questions from Barry Law professors as well as questions from the National Conference of Bar Examiners.
  • Writing a Law School Essay
    Law school essays are completely different from any kind of writing students have done to this point in their academic careers. This workshop will help students understand the key components at writing a law school essay.
  • Introductory Series
    These are sessions with professors to learn how to approach topics like first year contracts, torts and criminal law.
  • Discovering A Student’s Style of Learning
    This interactive program help students understand their personalities and how they learn in order to develop learning strategies that work best for them.
  • The Law Library
    Reference Librarians explain the legal research process and introduce students to the Barry Law Library and its resources. This fast-paced program demonstrates ten vital tools that will empower students to achieve success throughout law school and beyond.

Personal Academic Counselors:
Each student has a Personal Academic Counselor (PAC) who provides individual attention to the academic needs of the student outside the classroom. The PAC recommends early reading selections and coaches students on the skills required to succeed in law school.

Bar Application Fellow:
A Bar Application Fellow supports the students during their bar applications. The Fellow will hold workshops about the application process and will meet individually to address student questions during each step.

Bar Preparation: During the final semester of law school, students take four (4) credits of required courses where they learn the skills needed to pass the bar exam. Barry Law also provides access to faculty and staff to assist and coach graduates as they prepare to take the exam.

The Admission to Oath program is part of Barry Law’s commitment to providing students the skills to succeed at Barry Law and practice law with the tools to make the most of those skills.

Admission to Oath (A2O) Personal Academic Counselors are available to answer questions at