Helpful Hints

  • Request a federal PIN number on the FAFSA website. This will enable you to complete your FAFSA without sending a signature page as well as access your personal information on various federal websites. KEEP YOUR FEDERAL PIN HANDY AS LONG AS YOU’RE IN SCHOOL!
  • Complete the application process as soon as possible and include the Barry University law school code # (E00993) on the FAFSA so an electronic copy will be released to the University.
  • Read all the information provided to you by the University and follow all of the instructions provided. Meet all deadlines.
  • Read, understand, and retain copies of all information and/or forms that are sent to you, or that you must sign.
  • Understand the refund policy and standards of academic progress.
  • Borrow only what you need. Use financial assistance only for your actual educational expenses.
  • Keep all of your financial aid records in a secure place.
  • Protect your investment and your good credit by making payments on time. Be sure to maintain a good credit record.