Dr. Linda Berdayes

Message from Program Director – Dr. Linda Berdayes

In this rapidly changing world, one needs to be broad in vision and flexible in action. The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MLS) provides a collaborative environment for you to reflect on practical contemporary issues. Classes in this program address foundational questions of human existence from a variety of perspectives. Immersed in Barry University's core commitments to promote knowledge and truth, encourage an inclusive and global outlook, further social justice, and provide opportunities for collaborative service, our rich and varied curriculum prepares you to look with fresh eyes at the challenges of contemporary life.

Distinguished Barry graduate faculty from a variety of academic traditions teach classes on the origins of modern culture, the role of technology in society, the relationship between science and reason, and literature and the human experience (to name a few).

Most of our students are working adults who enjoy the experience of sharing small evening classes with other adult learners. They want to continue their education in a program that broadens their outlook, asks "big questions," and brings a variety of disciplinary perspectives to address these questions. We invite you to explore our graduate program in Liberal Studies. Trained with a strong foundation in the liberal arts, our graduates are prepared to provide wise leadership in the classroom, in the workplace, and in the home.

For more information about the Master of Liberal Studies, please contact:

Dr. Linda Berdayes, Director
Associate Professor of Communication and Liberal Studies
Email: lberdayes@barry.edu