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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program Overview



The goal of the curriculum is three-fold:

  1. To understand the forces (historical, philosophical, religious, artistic, social, economic, and political) that have shaped societies.
  2. To appreciate the expressions of various civilizations through their arts and cultures.
  3. To apply that understanding and appreciation to contemporary issues and cultures.

Course Descriptions

Length of Program

The Liberal Studies program offers two classes per fall and spring semesters. Understanding the importance of balancing school with work and personal responsibilities, students may take classes at their own pace. If you decide to attend full-time (2 classes per semester) you can complete this program within three years. If you choose to take classes part-time, you must complete the program within seven years to receive the degree.

For the Working Professional

Along with our flexible schedule, classes are offered in the evening to ensure we accommodate working professionals and those who have responsibilities during the day.

Who are MLS Students?

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