Fall 2008 Issue

Fab Five

Held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami April 25 - May 11, the exhibit “Intimate Spaces” featured the work of five master’s candidates from Barry University’s Fine Arts Department: Thomas Burnikel, Lucrecia Diaz, Marina Font, Jahaira Rios de Galvez and Sommer Wood.

Wood’s work depicts passengers on Route 10 of the Miami-Dade Metrobus system – one of the 100 routes that serve the greater Miami area. “When I joined the riders of Route 10, I stepped into their community and became a voyeur into their personal experience of life in Miami. I tried to capture people engrossed in their own world, unaware of the camera’s presence so that the moment would be personal and true.”

In contrast, Font uses stark black and white images and unusual juxtapositions, to depict the range of emotions she experienced when a close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. The photograph at left is titled “Legado” (Spanish for legacy) and represents the legacy each individual leaves behind.