Fall 2008 Issue

Editor's Letter

Everywhere we look as a community, we see challenges. This sentiment holds true not only for the Barry community, but for colleges and universities across the country. It’s easy to become so focused on those challenges and the opportunities they provide, that we forget the individual or smaller-scale achievements that when considered as a whole, can be awe-inspiring. At least that’s how we felt when compiling the stories for this issue of Barry Magazine.

As usual, we were focused on gathering the most interesting stories we could, the ones that would best reflect what’s happening on campus as well as the many achievements of our alumni. But in the process of doing that, we kept coming back to one central theme: service. Whether it is at home where Physician Assistant Joanie Kemsley ’04 is a “one-woman band” helping uninsured workers in Charlotte County, Florida, get medical treatment, or abroad where Jolene Mullins ’78 has spent the past three decades in 30 countries doing public health and community development work – the commitment to service by Barry alums struck a chord.

We are tremendously proud of the alumni featured in this issue as well as the atmosphere on campus that engenders a desire to be in service to something larger than oneself. It is a key component of Barry’s mission and one that continues to thrive. This is evidenced in our story on the doctoral students from the Institute for Hispanic/Latino Theology and Ministry who are filling the growing need for young lay leaders in the Hispanic ministry within the U.S. Catholic Church. And the message of service continues in our story about a group of students from the Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law who travelled to New Orleans this summer to do pro bono legal work for the Orleans Parish Public Defenders and the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana. Impressive as individual examples, when considered in its entirety, the service that Barry alumni, students, faculty and staff have rendered in communities at home and abroad is truly inspirational and does give us hope.

Paige Stein

Your View

Dear Editor and Staff,

Thank you for the excellent accomplishment in completing the (Spring 2008) Barry Magazine. Both my husband and I are graduates of Barry. In fact we met in Literary Theory in graduate school at Barry. We are both retired educators from the Florida Keys.

This is the best issue of the Barry Magazine publications. Being busy with, well, just living, we have been out of touch with Barry for quite some time. Our hearts were deeply moved with the growth and activity of the university as it was reflected in the articles. The writing and photography were excellent. My deepest thanks goes out to all of you whose efforts made this edition possible. Please keep in touch with more positive expressions such as this one.


Barbara Southcott Arena ’68, ’72

Dear Editor,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article "Forgotten Daughters" about Univision anchor Teresa Rodriguez's personal journey to get her book published. What an incredible ordeal she had to go through to finally get all of the details in place to make the story work. Richard A. Webster did a remarkable job in helping us (the readers) feel what Rodriguez experienced every step of the way.

I have been a fan of hers since the days when she was the first female anchor of the network's national newscast. It makes me proud to see that she has come this far and she is a role model to other Americans of Hispanic descent. I can't wait until she publishes her second book.

Ruben Soto ’88

Dear Editor,

I'm an alum from the days when it was little old Barry College and no men were on campus (except the priests), so I know it's now a very different place and the (Spring 2008) magazine shows it off very well.

One suggestion - I don't see a recycled logo anywhere and since page six has a brief article on "Going Green," you all might want to consider starting right at home by using recycled paper for your publication.

Keep up the good work!

Diane Haddick ’71

Editor’s Note: Barry Magazine is now using FSC-certified paper. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper is independently certified to assure consumers that it comes from forests that are managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations. For more information go to www.fsc.org.

Dear Editor,

Congratulations! What a great edition of the magazine honoring the Barry alumni who protect and serve, and what a great article by Richard Webster. My congratulations to you and your staff; you make us proud to be part of the Barry family!

Teresa Rodriguez ’78